Graham Letter - Elizabeth Peart 1856

Graham Letter - Elizabeth Peart 1856
The following letter, written in 1856, was sent from John and Hannah Peart's mother to her daughter Margaret and son-in-law Robert Wilkinson. It is likely that it was then sent on to John and Hannah. Hannah was undoubtedly the one who saved the letters. Since Jacob in a later letter states that John* wrote letters for the family, it is probably John who took the dictation from his grandmother. He may have written letters for Watson as well.
Durham Record Office Ref D/X 1035/15

January 8 1856

Dear son and daughter I take up my pen to let you know how we all are. I am happy to inform you that we are all well except myself and I cannot say that I am ever well but I am much better than I was last summer. I thought I was going to die. I vomited a very great quantity of blood and I was long time a very weak state. Adam at the same time was lying in the typhus fever and Watson had to leave the house for fear of tuken the fever but Thank God they were no more of us took it and I truly thankful. Though we have had a troubled year it is over and I am happy to inform you that we have had A letter from Jacob. He is well and doing well and he has sent us 20 pound for which we do feel glad and what we were very needful for. We have also has a letter from John and Hannah and whey are both well. Your father has received your letter and we are all glad to hear that you are so well off and living so comfortably. We would like to see your dear Children. It gived great comfort to hear from you all but O when I thinke Marg(aret) when I think you are for ever hid from my eyes on this side of the grave it gives me great trouble. Could I make myself sure of meeting you all in heaven it would give me joy. O my dear Children be not so much taken up with this world for we will have to be taken from all things hear every day that pases away I pray that god woud give you all a praying heart. Eliz is well and is living at her Uncle Jos and she is A pious Girl she has got religion and is on her way to Heaven and prays to God that you would get converted. Watson is A Sunday Scool teacher and very Regular attender of the meetings. Now take my advice it may be the last from your Mother. Get Religion live christians and then you will die Christians. May God bless you for I do love you all and I hope to meet you and your Children in Heaven where we shall part no more Amen. It is very hard times here. Flour has been 3s 6d per st and other things accordingly. The pay is next week. Watson only had about £2 so you see if Jacob had not sent us some money we would have been badly of(f). Adam is working in Rookhope but wheather is so cold till he cannot always work. We get pay with John and he is fine boy and will very soon be ready for work. Your uncle Jos is only poorly. Phebe is some better. John is well and they have only one boy. So I Remain your affection Mother Betty Peart
Now it is bed time I will bid you Good Night and please to write very soon for we always like to here from you

Eliz Peart

*This John Peart was the son of Mary, the oldest sister of John and Hannah. He was born in 1848. Mary and her son lived with her parents.