Graham Letter - Christopher Graham 1852

Graham Letter - Christopher Graham 1852

Graham Letter - Christopher Graham 1852
The earliest letter in the collection was written to Joseph in America by his brother Christopher. No year is given, but internal evidence indicates the year was 1852.
(Durham Records Office Ref D/X 1035/2
October 3

Dear Brother when you receive this I hope you will be in good health as this lives (leaves) us at present, we are all in good health except our Thomas has been out of health again but is a grate deil better and has started work again but his wife has been confined of a son. You said you whished to know how we ware at home. We are doing well at home but our John* married in June and his wife was confined in July of a daughter and liven with his old father Jon Kidd** and Hannah*** and Nickel Padon married in May and is going to live at the grain in one of his father's houses so that is all I can say of them as the rest of our brothers and sisters is well and sends you there bests wishes bout (but) our Hannah telled me to send you word that she would like to see you again, so I have nothing more to say about them. But I will tell you that we had a vast of thunder this sumer but we had general good crops this year and good fog and stock of all kinds is selling well espechly sheep which is very dear and so I have nothing more to say so you moust write as soon as posable but not pay for your letters so this is not paid, we received your letter 24 August.

So I remain your brother

Christopher Graham Killhope

In November, John Graham wrote to his brother Joseph. The John Millburn to whom he refers in his letter is his brother-in-law married to his sister mary. The Thomas Milburns lived in Burnt Hills.

¿ *John Graham is the brother of Joseph and Christopher
¿ ** John Kidd is the father of John's wife Ann
¿ *** Hannah Graham is the sister of Joseph and Christopher.